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Who We Are?

Amplexity started out as a small dynamic studio in California. Two parts agility expertise, one part healthcare enthusiasts.

About Anne:

After more than 20 years of exprience with web and app development, and UX strategy, Anne is now focussing her efforts on bringing user exprience into healthcare applications.

Why HeaLthcare UX:

In Germany, and elsewhere, digitization of healthcare has been staggering and is riddled with problems. It has long been recognized, that one of the major causes, has been the poor User Experience of the applications that have made it through the tough certification processes. Unlike private and commercial driven applications, healthcare applications, such as the electronic health record or electronic patient record (EHR or EPR), have major security and privacy rules to comply with. And for good reason! But this has meant, that little to no effort was placed on making these applications user friendly. As a result, adaptation has been poor.

We must now move from talking about needing a better user experience to actually implementing it. And we can achieve this by:

  • Standards: Every Healthcare application should adhere not only to data and privacy rules, but also usability and UX standards. But these standards have not been formed. Because unlike usability (where there are available ISO standards), a good UX is still considered as a subjective interpretation of 'making the app look pretty' and as being a 'nice to have' or a luxury.
  • Measures: Therefore we must make good UX something tangible, that we can test for and that we can measures.
  • Committment: and we need a strong political will to achieve this, because there is still so little understanding of whe it takes UX professionals to accomplish this.
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What They Say

Anne (of Amplexity) is a superlative web designer and coder. She's a creative problem solver who is fast and a joy to work with. Her graphic sensibility is clean and precise as is her coding. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Bill Kane Owner, Digital Grange

This team is phenomenal to work with. They bring together beautiful design with highly analytical strategy – the result is a great user experience that is focused on achieving conversions and business goals. We consistently receive strategic recommendations that go above and beyond our expectations.

Jeff Harmann Director of Marketing, Filtered