Our Services.

We work hard to fully understand our clients' business in order to find the best solutions and tailor them to their specific needs and goals.

Who is your

Target Audience?

A good User Exprience starts with knowing your audience. Is the system or application you are developing targeted at patients, or at doctors? Who will be using you application? Have you talked to a wide variety of your users? What is their feedback? Do you know what their pain points are?

  • User Research
  • Personas
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Content / Copy-writing
  • User Centered Design

Who decides what is

A Good User Exprience?

A good User Experience is subjective. And you won't be able to please everyone. That's why we need objective and measurable standards and ways to gather feedback so we can be sure that we meet the needs of the majority of our users.

  • Quantative User Research
  • Qualitative User Reesearch
  • Industry standard practices
  • User Tests
  • Feedback Cycles

Already have an application?

Improve it.

With a Usability and User Experience Audit you can see if and where your application meets the needs of users, and where it doesn't.

  • Review User Test before and after
  • Analyse user behavior
  • Set goals and tasks
  • Check if users can reach their goals
  • Create actionable insights

Want to do it yourself?

Learn how.

If you run your own software and you have your own inhouse development team, we would be happy to enable your UX Professionals to meet the needs of your clients. Agile? Scrum? Remote Team? No Problem! We can work in video sessions with your team and your leadership.

  • in Person Workshops
  • remote/off site Workshop
  • setting up your inhouse UX
  • In the future: get certified!